Should You get STDs tested?


STDs typically have no effects. Research is the best way to determine if you suffer from a type of sexually transmitted diseaseIf you’ve experienced genital, oral, or anal sexual intercourse, talk to a doctor for screening. If you had sexual intercourse with someone else and found the symptoms of STD, consult with a doctor to know how you can get tested.  


Most STD symptoms may appear now and disappear later, but that doesn’t mean that you’re cured of STD. STD signs are usually so slight that they don’t concern you, but if you find anything that sounds wrong, you can still see a doctor or nurse. 

The Different Signs of STD 

Specific STDs have signs. STD indications include bruises or sores around your buttocks, knees, and butt cheeks; strange discharges from the penis or vagina; burning sensations while peeing; and experiencing inflammation and swelling in the penis, vulva, uterus, or anus. Some people experience flu-like symptoms such as body aches, cough, fatigue, and swollen glands. 

All these signs may be caused by other factors that are not related to STDs like UTI, yeast infection, and pimplesTesting is best way to determine for sure if you have the disease. Speak to your doctor about the symptoms that you experience, what kind of intercourse you’ve had, and if you’re utilizing contraceptives. They’ll help figure out which medication or test you may need. 

What to Do If You Suspect STD 

If you suspect that you have STD, testing is important. Some STDs can lead to more serious health concerns if not treated immediately. It also makes you prone to other types of STDs, including HIV. It’s best that you get tested soon, so you won’t share the disease with others. 

Testing the theory may seem frightening but don’t fret. Medicine will quickly treat most serious STDs. Yet STDs that can’t be cured usually have medications that can control the symptoms while reducing the risk of giving it to someone else. So, the quicker you realize that you have STD, the better you can take care of your partner and yourself. 

Should You Get Tested? 

It impossible to determine if you suffer from STD just by how you feel or look. Oftentimes, individuals with STDs show no signs. The best way to know is to get yourself checked. Checking if you have unprotected sexual intercourse is important. Knowing about your partner’s sexual activities is also crucial. A doctor would tell you whether you need to test for STD-related diseases. 

If you tested positive for STD, treat it immediately. Many STDs can lead to serious health damage after some time, even if you feel fine today. STDs may also transfer to other individuals you have sexual relations with, regardless if you are showing the symptoms. 

With STD testing, you can have peace of mind. STD screening is a part of conscientious self-care. STD testing can be fast, painless, and at times, free. Schedule a consultation with STD testing Chicago to be sure. Doing so will save you from a lot of worries and concerns later.  

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